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Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund Advance to FasterMoney Card

The Benefits of FASTERMONEY CARD’s Direct Deposit Feature

The world is changing at a fast pace, which makes efficient management of finances very important. Filing your taxes promptly is also an important part of efficient financial management, as failure would result in a penalty of 5% of the total tax amount that is not paid. This is an area where ATC Income Tax can surely assist you. But what if you’ve overpaid your taxes? This makes you eligible for a refund and allows you to use the FasterMoney card’s direct deposit feature.

The direct deposit feature of FasterMoney’s card offers a smooth solution to those who are seeking a tax refund advance. Since this is a prepaid Visa card, it is accepted globally. The card is licensed by Visa U.S.A. Inc. and issued by Pathward, N.A., but more than a financial tool, it is your gateway to hassle-free financial management. Why? Because FasterMoney cards offer a lot of benefits to the holders, which you’ll come to know once you’re done reading this blog.

What is a FasterMoney Card?

The FasterMoney cards are accepted globally, whereas Visa-powered cards are accepted. It’s a prepaid card, which Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC, issues to the customers and is licensed from Visa U.S.A. Inc. You can say goodbye to overdraft fees when using this card since it’s prepaid. Additionally, it can be used to pay bills, shop online, and withdraw cash from ATMs. There are various ways to reload the card; information about the process can be found in the Adding Money section of your card.

Why Choose FasterMoney Card for Direct Deposit?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a FasterMoney card for direct deposit, particularly for people expecting a tax refund online or seeking a tax return advance. Apart from tax refunds, this card allows you to automatically deposit paychecks and government benefits as well. The direct deposit feature also removes the delay with paper checks, ensuring your funds are securely and swiftly transferred.

Benefits of Direct Deposit on Your FasterMoney Card

1. Immediate Access to Funds

One of the most important benefits of direct deposit on your FasterMoney card is that you can easily bypass the usual waiting time associated with check deposits, i.e., up to 2 days. This is a standout feature of FasterMoney, and apart from tax refund advances or paychecks being deposited directly to your card, you can also use it to receive government benefits. Simply put, your fund availability will be accelerated, and for those expecting a tax refund online, you no longer have to wait for physical checks to arrive and clear.

2. Easy Loading Options

Direct deposit is not only easy but free as well. You can enjoy the flexibility of loading cash to your card via different participating retailers nationwide. For instance, you can add cash to your card from Western Union, Visa, ReadyLink, and GreenDot. Moreover, using the Manage My Card app, you can easily load checks via your smartphone, making the entire process easy, fast, and seamless.

3. Easy Online Bill Payments

You can easily pay your bills via phone or online. This method is faster compared to using money orders or mailing checks. And the best part is there’s no overdraft fee risk. FasterMoney cards streamline your bill payments. Although this feature is not unique to this card, since you’ve it, why not use it? If you have a busy schedule and you are someone who wants efficiency when managing your finances – then this benefit of FasterMoney is great for you.

4. No Overdraft Worries

Since it’s a prepaid card, you can only spend what you load, which removes the risk of overdraft fees. If you are budget-conscious and always keep tabs on your spending, this feature is ideal for avoiding any unexpected fees.

5. Better Security

Your FasterMoney card comes with Discover® Zero Liability protection. This means carrying a FasterMoney card is safer than keeping cash. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind that your funds are protected under the Discover® Zero Liability policy, which is an added layer of security to prevent any unauthorized transactions. In today’s world, where financial theft and fraud are becoming common, this protection is very valuable to all consumers.

6. Fee Transparency

The fee transparency is another benefit you’ll enjoy with the FasterMoney card. You’ll be charged a monthly fee of $4.95, which will be waived if you have $500 or more in direct deposits. It surely is a cost-effective option if you are a regular user.

Locate-Atcs-bannerThe How-To Guide of Direct Deposit to FasterMoney Card

If you want to set up direct deposit on your FasterMoney card, it is a fairly simple process that improves your financial management, especially if you want to manage a tax refund online or secure a tax refund advance efficiently. Let us walk you through the detailed step-by-step process, which will assist you in navigating this process easily:

1. Determine the Deposit Amount

To set up direct deposit, the first step requires that you determine how much of your paycheck, tax refund advance, or government benefits you want to be deposited into your FasterMoney card automatically. It’s entirely up to you whether you want a specific portion or all the funds added. It is ideal for people who want to keep their funds in different accounts, particularly for budgeting and saving purposes.

2. Get Direct Deposit Information

The next step requires you to log in to your FasterMoney online account. You’ll have a user-friendly and secure platform to access your card details. When you have successfully logged in, you need to navigate to the direct deposit section, where you’ll find all the information necessary for setting up direct deposit, including the routing number and your account number for the FasterMoney card. This information is necessary as it serves as your unique identifier for the direct deposit to your account.

3. Provide Your Account Details

When you have the direct deposit information available, the next step involves sharing this information with the organization or entity responsible for issuing your payments. If you’re applying for a tax refund online, you can share this information with the entity filing your tax returns. For instance, you must share this information if you’re using ATC Income Tax and have applied for a tax refund advance.

Moreover, you may also receive payments from your employer and the government benefit provider to deposit the funds directly into your account. The accurate transmission of this information cannot be stressed enough to ensure that you get your funds into your FasterMoney account quickly.

4. Sign Up for Deposit Alerts

The last step is signing up for deposit alerts. This can be done through the online platform where you obtained your direct deposit information. By opting in for these alerts, you will receive notifications through text or email each time a deposit is made to your card. This feature keeps you informed about the status of your incoming funds. It’s especially useful for tracking when your paycheck or tax refund has been deposited, allowing you to plan your finances more effectively.

Take Back Control with the Manage My Card App

The Manage My Card app is free for Android and iPhone users and makes card management easier. It comes with features like real-time balance and transaction views, low balance alerts, and the ability to reload funds quickly; it’s a vital tool for anyone utilizing their FasterMoney card for a Tax Refund Online or in advance.


The FasterMoney card’s direct deposit feature is a convenient and secure way to manage your finances, especially when dealing with tax refund advances and tax refunds online. It combines speed, convenience, and security, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing effective financial management. With the FasterMoney card, you’re not just receiving a service but embracing a smarter way to manage your money.

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FAQs to Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund Advance to FasterMoney Card

1. How Can I Add Money to my FasterMoney Card?

Adding money to your FasterMoney card is easy and seamless. Direct deposit is free, and you can load cash at numerous retailers across the country or check using the app (fees may apply).

2. What Types of Checks Can be directly deposited?

You can direct deposit paychecks, tax refunds online, pensions, and government benefits. You need to get the routing and account information from your online account for setup.

3. What are FasterMoney Card Withdrawal Limits?

The card has specific withdrawal limits for ATMs, both domestic and international, and over-the-counter cash withdrawals. You can take out $2,500 in no more than five daily transactions for domestic withdrawals. You can take out $500 daily in no more than three transactions for international withdrawals. The limit for over-the-counter withdrawal is $5,000 per day.

4. What are the Monthly Fees on the FasterMoney card?

A $4.95 monthly fee applies, waived if you receive $500 in direct monthly deposits.

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