Pre-Qualify2 Application (EML)

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Why Check if You Pre-Qualify?

ATC Income Tax offers tax refund loans on a certain tax threshold. Whether it's your first time filling out a tax refund advance or you've applied for it over the last couple of years, we require each of our clients to fill out our pre-qualification application first to get an idea of whether they have a chance of approval or not.

Disclaimer: Pre-Qualify application does not guarantee a loan approval. You must first qualify to apply, and if pre-qualified, you have a higher chance of actual loan/advance approval.

What Criteria Do We Access in Our Pre-Qualify Application Form?


To apply for a tax refund advance, you need to be of legal age (18 or older)


We will also access based on the number of dependents under you.


You might also need to provide your yearly gross income.