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Self Employment Income?

Click on "Other Tax Docs" & Upload any of the following:

  • proof of income and/or expenses
  • 1 or 2 invoices or receipts
  • business permit or license
  • business cards, flyers or client list
  • any other supportive documents

Don't have all your paperwork in order? ATC Tax Pros can help you "Reconstruct" your self-employment income and expense per IRS guidelines.

Call to Connect with a Self-Employment Specialist 855-282-1050

Common Tax Docs to Upload
(upload only applicable items)

  • Your current W2(s), 1099(s), Sch-K1 and/or all other income statements
  • Social Security Card for you and any dependents (call us if lost or stolen)
  • A current & valid government issued ID (Driver License or State ID)
  • Home owners – your 1098 and Property Tax Bill (may have multiple)
  • If Self-Employed – proof of Income & Expenses (call for acceptable docs)
  • All other tax documents that you may have received (e.g. 1095-A, 1098)
  • If applicable – day care statement, out-of-pocket medical & dental expenses, receipts for charitable contributions | donations, IRA contributions and other deductions you might have (call for a list)