Professional Tax Preparers Navigate Tax Credit and Deduction

A Guide to Navigate Tax Credits & Deductions

Feeling overwhelmed by taxes? You’re not alone. With the April 15th deadline approaching, many people realize they might miss valuable tax benefits. As professional tax preparers, we designed this guide…

How To Use ATC Tax Calculator

How To Use ATC Income Tax’s User-Friendly “Tax Calculator”

Are you ready to enter the world of hassle-free tax filing? ATC Income Tax’s user-friendly “Tax Calculator” is here to help you easily breeze through tax season. But did you…

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How the “Look Back” Provision Could Make a Big Difference in Your Taxes This Year

After a difficult year, you’re most likely looking for some relief. The good news is that an agreement was finally reached in the U.S. House and Senate in regards to…

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Get a Refund Advance Fast from ATC!

Getting a refund advance is as easy as ATC with our optional tax refund loan products from MetaBank. For a limited. See store for details.

Everything You Need to Know About the Recovery Rebate Credit

Everything You Need to Know About the Recovery Rebate Credit

Good news! If you were eligible for the Economic Impact Payments but didn’t receive the complete amount of one or both, you can claim the new Recovery Rebate Credit when…

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How do I get my IP PIN?

By Robin Dickinson The IRS issues IP PIN (Identity Protection PIN) to anyone that has had their social security number compromised with the IRS. This means that someone else has…

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Answers to Most Asked Tax Questions

With all the changes brewing in tax law, it’s no wonder people are confused about their 2017 tax returns. We answer the most asked tax questions of 2017 below. When…

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Is Your Side Hustle Taxable?

Side Income or Hobby – What’s the Difference? If you earn money from a side hustle or income—a hobby that makes money for at least three out of the past…