Professional Tax Preparers Navigate Tax Credit and Deduction

A Guide to Navigate Tax Credits & Deductions

Feeling overwhelmed by taxes? You’re not alone. With the April 15th deadline approaching, many people realize they might miss valuable tax benefits. As professional tax preparers, we designed this guide…

How To Use ATC Tax Calculator

How To Use ATC Income Tax’s User-Friendly “Tax Calculator”

Are you ready to enter the world of hassle-free tax filing? ATC Income Tax’s user-friendly “Tax Calculator” is here to help you easily breeze through tax season. But did you…

TAX Lettering over money

Should you itemize? (Standard Deduction vs. Itemized deductions)

Whether you should go for itemizing your deductions or you should you simply take the simpler route and go for standard deduction? Whilst standard deduction is most commonly the easier…